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Choralteens and Velveteens will be performing Only in America, a collection of, well, the same type of music we do for every spring concert. The distribution of sections among the classes will be as follows:

* Section 1 (Only in America) - 2nd and 3rd hours

* Section 2 (Sentimental Journey) - Vocalteens

* Section 3 (I Hope You Dance) - 2nd hour and 3rd hours

* Section 4 (Music Goes 'Round and Around) - 3rd hour

* Section 5 (We Will Rock You) - 2nd hour

* Section 6 (Finale) - 2nd and 3rd hours

Vocalteens are doing the following separate items:

* Misty

* Route 66

* 3 dance numbers

##Toxic (girls)

##AJ's Dance thing (guys and maybe 2 girls)

##Jump, Jive, an' Wail

5th and 6th hours:

* Varsity Choir - Medley from My Best Friend's Wedding

* Concert Choir - Bohemian Rhapsody

* Varsity and Concert Choirs - Disney Movie Magic