Front-Lighting for Choir Concerts

Front lighting consists of all the stage LightingFixtures? which shine upon the performers' faces directly, or "fron the front." For shows in ReinhartAuditorium, this consists of the EllipsoidalLights? on the catwalks and, occasionally, the FresnelLights? on the FirstElectric?. Fron show to show, the configuration of these lights varies very little.

For most shows, I attempt to make a general wash of the stage using three different colors... a blue gel, a pink gel, and no gel (white). Additionally, for each point on the stage, it is usually a good goal to attempt to have FrontLight? from three angles. This adds a bit of depth to expressions on performers' faces and prevents a washed-out look from a single light.

Due to the constraints placed upon us by the relatively small number of LightingFixtures? available, it is usually only possible to divide the stage into six and/or three large areas (which can be referred to by normal StageDirections?). Because for choir concerts we don't typically need to light extremely specific areas on the stage, this is not a problem. Additionally, we usually only light each area in some colors from two different angles (rather than the ideal 3). Because we can combine colors easily, it is easy to light from a third angle in a differnt (but complimentary) color... this is done while setting cues.

Lighting from the Rear Catwalk

Most of the brightest FrontLight?, which will cover most of the stage, will be from the RearCatwalk?. In the rear catwalk, there are three general sections of light: left, center, and right.

The left and right sections are usually armed with five New1k fixtures each. (See ReinhartAuditorium:LightingInventory.) These fixtures will provide one wash (these fixtures are well-suited to be gelled pink). Of our six areas, these fixtures will cover five (all but the USC area). We will light the remaining area in pink from the FrontElectric?.

The left, right, and center sections also contain a 20-degree ShakespeareFixture?. We will use each ShakespeareFixture? in the left and right areas, in addition to TWO in the center section to create a blue wash. The light on the left will cover the SR general area, while the light on the right will cover the SL general area. The two lights in the center will be divided such that they cover the center stage area in addition to overlapping slightly upon one another and into the SL and SR areas. While this wash will only be hitting each entire area from one angle, it is hitting some areas (the overlaps) from two angles, and we will be adding to this with SideLight? anyway.

The remaining three Source4 fixtures in the center section will be distributed among the three areas for a white (ungelled) wash. Between the outside (left and right) and inside (center) area in the back catwalk, there is another section of fixtures powered by extension cords. Two Old 750-watt fixtures on each side are used to provide white lights from now other angles. The lights are fairly dim and have an extremely large wash, but work fine for this purpose. Try to distribute them such that one light on each side covers half of the stage (SL or SR). This way, each point on the stage will be lit in white from three angles.

Lighting from the Front Catwalk