Since lighting for the spring concert it likely to be quite tame, I'm going to try to do good projection to keep visual interest. I've collected a lot more presets for winamp, so I'll probably try to run a few of those during solos and certain group numbers.

However, I'm thinking I'll refrain from projecting during most of the group numbers so the effect doesn't get over-used. At this point, I'm thinking we'll do projection for the Vocalteens and Choralteens... and possibly the opening and ending of Only in America. (in addition to solos, of course)

We always seem to run out of time for pre-recording projections to the SMPTE-synced video tape. I'm considering asking someone to run projections live or perhaps doing a hybrid setup with solo projections pre-recorded (and SMPTE'd) but everything else run live. Ideas, anyone?

I know a few people have asked me to project pictures ("memories" stuff) during their solos, so I'll probably work on scanning those and syncing them to SMPTE. Just to be clear: unless otherwise arranged with me, pictures are to be numbered and given to me with sheet music marked with the appropriate picture numbers when they wish them to be displayed. (or at least a sheet of lyrics if sheet music is unavailable) I'm also asking that pictures be given to me at least 2 weeks before the concert. (May 6th) Somehow, I doubt that will happen...