Due to the fact that the Chicago trip went way, way over budget, we are unable to afford renting any intelligent light fixtures for the spring concert like we usually do. We are considering renting some stationary fixtures. (see SpringConcert2004/LightingRental) Therefore, we're going to have to beg and borrow from others to get enough fixtures to do anything significant.

I talked to Mike Reinhart and he's willing to let us borrow as many of his fixtures as we need. He has Source 4's, Shakespeares, and PAR cans, in addition to some low-wattage intelligent fixtures. (Martin Roboscan 812's) The Roboscans can be useful for effect lighting, especially when the rest of the stage is dark (i.e. solos), and the PAR cans should be a major help for coloring the stage. The ellipsoidals will be used for sidelight, mostly on the apron. He also has two elipscans which, in addition to the high school's four, can be used for brighter effect lighting.

I'm planning on purchasing some PAR 64's of my own, which I'll use to supplement the wash. I'd rather not pay insane prices for them, so I'm not sure how many I'll be able to obtain before the concert. I also own a couple DJ-quality (a.k.a. lousy) intelligent lights and a HES Trackspot, so they too may be useful for effect lighting during dark numbers.

The auditorium basement seems to have a few flood lights which I plan on fixing up with plugs for use in illuminating the stage in colors. Basically, my plan is to hang white translucent fabric around the stage and change its color and texture using floodlights, PAR cans, and ellipsoidals (both 6x22's for beams and S4's/Shakespeares with gobos). This should create a visually interesting stage at a relatively low cost.

I expect various items to be in short supply:

Anyone who feels like helping is more than welcome to, as this is going to be a fairly big project. Once I get some firm numbers on how many lighting fixtures will be available to us, I'll make an update with a preliminary lighting plot.


(They are Chroma-Q scrollers -> http://actlighting.com/Chromaq/chroma-index.htm)