I plan on re-aiming my three sets of side-lighting which are still hung from WinterConcert2003?. (a red, light yellow, and blue set) Front light will be our typical sets of white, pink, and blue. (See TypicalConcertSetup/Lighting/FrontLights)

Melinda mentioned to me a plan to place fabric upstage of the choir risers in a pattern of "rays" eminating from a point on the ground at the center of the stage. She had planned to make this fabric "glow" by placing Christmas lights behind it. However, after further thought, I have another idea: place a few (probably three) flood-lights on the floor behind the fabric, pointing upward. These lights could be gelled different colors and allow the fabric to change color as appropriate. It may be necessary to have two lights for each color (one for either side) or to light from above as well. We'll need to experiment with this. (probably on the day of the concert... there's very little rehearsal/planning time)