Who is this Wiki fellow and what has he done with my web site?

Wiki's are designed such that anyone and everyone can contribute by editing a page and adding their opinion. The theory is that, with a reasonably active administrator, a semblance of order and organization can be maintained despite the seemingly chaotic cycle of page editing from random users. In a typical managed wiki, users contribute valuable ideas while the moderator proofreads, provides organization, and keeps discussion on-topic. Moderators actually have identical permissions to users, so any user can become a moderator by simply performing the duties of a moderator. Wiki's are eternally a work-in-progress.

Uhm... right. So what does this have to do with us?

Well, here, I set up this wiki primarily as a private tool for the choir directors and I (Tom) to keep track of what each of us was planning for concerts and avoid duplicating work... I was looking for a communication tool. Lately, I've found that many students (and even choir booster members) feel disconnected from these aspects of the concerts. Therefore, I've decided to make this wiki public. Your opinion does matter, and your help is needed and appreciated! We appreciate any and all opinions and ideas you might add, and could certainly use your help in the actual physical setup for concerts as well. (See HowToHelpOut)

Inconclusive Conclusion

I hope this becomes a useful tool for students, parents, and directors alike. I've always wished that others took a greater interest in the technical design aspects of the concerts; perhaps this is a step in the right direction.