The MerrillvilleChoir needs your help!

We are in need of student, parent, and alumni volunteers to assist us in preparation for our concerts. Jobs range from as simple as carrying risers onto stage to as complex as addressing DMX lighting fixtures. (not that that's very complex, but I digress) We also appreciate any and all help prior to concerts in the form of ideas placed here on the ConcertPlanningWiki.

So how do I help out?

If you're interested in a specific job, you might make a note on the appropriate page here in the wiki. Dates will be posted on the MerrillvilleChoir and/or ReinhartAuditorium site as to when setup for concerts will occur. Simply come to the auditorium loading dock entrance (between doors I and J at the back of the school). This door will bring you directly onto the stage. Once inside, Mr. Emig, Mrs. Reinhart, or Tom Dobes should be able to suggest a task or two that we'd like help with.

What's in it for me?

Uhm... well... let's see... We usually buy food for those that actively help out. (meaning you don't just show up and sit around) You develop a bond with other parents/students whom are spending time to help out. This is an excellent opportunity to meet students from other choirs. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling that you did something good and, because of the time you spent, the concert is more professional and just plain better. (Also, those who help out get "brownie points" with Mr. Emig, Mrs. Reinhart, and Tom Dobes. Remember that recommendation letter you wanted? Or perhaps the video you wanted edited or accompaniment tape you wanted us to record? It's much more likely to get done after you've spent some time to help us out.)

Well, I'm busy. Are there any other times I can stop by to help?

Yes, probably. Send Tom an e-mail at and he can probably find another date/time if you'd like to help out, but have schedule conflicts.