For a set, I'd like to find a translucent material (hopefully, multilayered) to place behind the choirs on which I'll shine lights. Perhaps some more of the material we used for MarchConcert2004? The set will also feature two gray screens (and one rear-projection screen) on which we will project.

I'd like to set to be mostly BLACK and WHITE (no shades of gray) so I can aim flood lights at EVERYTHING to change the color of the stage or, alternately, simply use white lights for a very stark, high-contrast effect.

We'll likely be placing the Statue of Liberty (from Ragtime) in the background during the Only in America opening and finale. Use of the large flag is also being considered.

I'm thinking of laying out the fabric in a configuration something like the following (aerial view):

|     ====FLAG===========     |
|                             |
|        =====   =====        |                        US
|    =====   =====   =====    |                        ^
|                   ***       |                        |
|          PORTABLE           |                    SR<-+->SL
| ====      STAGES       ==== |                        |
|             GO              |                        v
|===         HERE!         ===|<- proscenium           DS
\   More stages go here       /
 \    on the apron, too.     /                     Compass Rose

=== represents white cloth
*** represents the Statue of Liberty

Let me attempt to explain that drawing. Far upstage, there is a black curtain (not labelled on the drawing). Slightly downstage of this black curtain is the large flag, which will be flown in during the finale. A bit further downstage are two alternating rows of white cloth. This cloth is the height of the stage and will be positioned near sets of lights such that it can be lit in various colors. (This cloth will be flown out when the flag is flown in.) At the act curtain line, there will be a set of another two pieces of color-lit cloth. (The actual act curtain will be flown out for the show.) Roughly 1.5 yards upstage will be two more pieces of cloth, acting as "legs" (masking the sidestage area). These should hopefully line up (roughly) with the 2nd row of border lights. The Statue of Liberty will be located downstage of the two alternating rows of fabric, where the asterisks are located on the diagram and can be flown in or out without needing to move any other battens (i.e. for the opening).

Comments or other ideas, anyone?