Projection for this concert will be primarily of live video. The goal is to take shots of each section at appropriate times in the music.

Tom (2004-03-09) : I've been asked to look for images to use as fill between bits of live video. It's worth noting that live video will be projected for the majority of the concert, in contrast with our winter concerts in which it comprises only the minority.

Images I've found are listed below. These images were acquired by using Google Images. (

This page also seems to have quite a few useful images (which are not shown below). ->

church-baroque-ceiling.jpg church-organ.jpg baroque.jpg Baroque-altar.jpg baroque%20music%20room.JPG baroque.jpg baroque.gif baroque-00.jpg baroque.jpg baroque.jpg L_Aurore.jpg


188.jpg 19-76.jpg Baroque%20Page.jpg vierge%20baroque%20galerie%20r.jpg baldchino.stpetrs.lg.jpg 954b.jpg 953b.jpg 955b.jpg pcd03-20.jpg BFIE16P0.jpg passau07.jpg organ2.jpg pozzo.jpg barroco15L.jpg