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Tue, 02 Dec 2003 3:01:06 am . . . . Tom Dobes [adding a show recording section]

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Most choir concerts share certain details of technical setup. Because these aspects are repeated for each show, it makes sense to keep them in a central location and just link to them, rather than copying the data into each individual concert page.

Seasonal Typical Concert Setup

* TypicalConcertSetup/Winter

* TypicalConcertSetup/Spring

Non-seasonal Common Setup Pages

* TypicalConcertSetup/Sound?

* TypicalConcertSetup/Lighting

* TypicalConcertSetup/Projection?

* TypicalConcertSetup/RisersAndSoundShells?

* TypicalConcertSetup/PortableStages

* TypicalConcertSetup/ShowRecording