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Thu, 04 Dec 2003 4:01:01 pm . . . . Tom Dobes [quick summary of the program]

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The Merrillville High School Choir program consists of several groups which perform at our concerts. These groups include:

* 2nd hour, a.k.a. the Choralteens - an advanced mixed choir

* 3rd hour, a.k.a. the Velveteens - an advanced girls choir

* 5th hour, a.k.a. the Varsity Choir - a beginning girls choir

* 6th hour, a.k.a. the Concert Choir - a beginning mixed choir

* the Vocalteens - an extra-curricular mixed show choir

* a handbell choir

MHS Choir Staff includes:

* Mr. Roger Emig, director

* Mrs. Melinda Reinhart, assistant director

* Miss Robin Childress, choreographer

* Tom Dobes, technical director

* the "Choir Boosters," a parent group dedicated to helping the choir program

To learn more about the MHS Choral Program, take a look at our primary web site at http://www.merrillvillechoir.com/