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Wed, 03 Dec 2003 10:00:00 am . . . . Tom Dobes [lights too]

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The stage layout will be quite simple... choral risers and a piano. I've suggested that the piano be located in the center of the stage, separating two sections of risers. However, it appears as though we'll probably end up putting it either on the far left or right side. Sound shells might possibly be used behind the choir (I hope so).

Melinda mentioned to me a plan to place fabric upstage of the choir risers in a pattern of "rays" eminating from a point on the ground at the center of the stage. This might, however, prevent us from using sound shells. She also mentioned that she might like to place Christmas lights behind the fabric so it would glow, which seemed like a reasonable idea at first. The more I think about it, though, there are probably better options for accomplishing this... see MarchConcert2004/LightingDesign