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Wed, 03 Dec 2003 9:02:03 am . . . . Tom Dobes [adding page for Melinda's concert]

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Mrs. Reinhart has chosen to hold a concert for her choirs and soloists/ensembles from ISSMA on a different date from the usual contest concert (ContestConcert2004) this year. This newly-added show will be held on March 15th (yes -- a Monday) at 7:30 PM.

=== MarchConcert2004/ToDo ===

* MarchConcert2004/MusicSelections

* MarchConcert2004/LightingDesign

* MarchConcert2004/SoundDesign

* MarchConcert2004/StageLayout

* MarchConcert2004/SolosAndEnsembles