Quality Shows result from Quality Planning!

Welcome to the MerrillvilleChoir ConcertPlanningWiki! This will hopefully develop into a place where the MerrillvilleChoir can put together plans for future concerts, and serve as a record of past concerts (technically, anyway). If you'd like to help out in planning a concert or have a suggestion, you've come to the right place!

The IdeaBehindAWiki is that anyone can edit pages, which works well for us as we'd like to hear input from everyone as to how we can improve our concerts. However, now that I've made this wiki public, I'd like to ask that everyone set their name (using the Preferences link at the top) before editing any page. This allows people to click the View document history link at the bottom of each page and keep track of all changes. Also, please try to file your comments under the appropriate page. (Feel free to create a new page by using CapitalizedWordsJammedTogether if you're discussing a new topic.)

That said, changes to any page are welcome, and can be made at any time by anyone.

To learn about the variant of wiki syntax used to edit pages here, take a look at Tavi:FormattingRules or perhaps Tavi:FormalFormattingRules.

Are you interested in helping us prepare for the next concert? Take a look at HowToHelpOut.

Upcoming Concerts for the 2004-2005 School Year:

The Technical Aspects of all concerts are described in TypicalConcertSetup.

ArchivedConcerts are kept online for reference purposes.

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